4 Reasons Why You Should Know the Type of Materials for Your Sticker

Want to do sticker printing in Singapore for product packaging, decorations, promotions, campaigns, or anything else? Wait! Don’t be that rush to create a sticker before knowing the type of sticker material. Stickers are not just printed on the same materials. There are many types of materials that you can choose for your sticker. For instances, here are some popular types of sticker material! 

  • Mirrorkote Stickers 
  • Matt White PP Stickers 
  • Transparent Stickers 
  • Woodfree Stickers 
  • Gloss White PP Stickers 
  • Kraft Sticker 

Every material has its own characteristics that make it different and stand out from other types. But is that matter to know about that? Yes, of course! The knowledge helps you to decide on the best materials that fit your needs. But that is not all, since here are a few more reasons why you should know about them! 

1. Choose the Best Material Based on Location 

Where will your sticker be putting on? Outside a store or on a notebook? Or maybe if you create a sticker for your product, where your product will be placed by the customer? In the fridge or in the larder? Answering these questions is crucial as you can identify which material would be perfect for your sticker based on where your sticker will be placed. For the outdoor use or if your product is going to be refrigerated, the waterproof and tearproof sticker should be the right choice for you. Some of the material that has both features are Matt White PP, Gloss White PP, and Transparent. But for the indoors use, Kraft, Woodfree, and Mirrorkote can be one of your choices! 

2. Helps You Identify Trends 

Knowing what material is being liked by many people today is quite important. You are free to decide whether you want to make your sticker with that materials or not, but for those who want to follow the trends, this can be such an important thing to know. By knowing each type of material will help you to know the trends. For now, Kraft Sticker is one of the trendy materials that have an eco-friendly and organic look. 

3. Which Sticker Material Fits the Budget 

We know that money is one of the biggest factors that influence our decision. So, by knowing each type of material, you can more easily choose materials based on the specifications you need and the budget you have. For instance, if you are looking for the most economical materials suitable for indoor use, Mirrorkote can be your choice! This is one of the most popular choices because of its low price. But since it is non-tearproof and slightly waterproof, you will better use it only for the indoor use! 

4. Guides You to Choose Writable Material If Necessary 

Have you seen the handwriting on some of the stickers? Some people need the type of material that can be written on to write the expiration date, the name of the customers or even put a checkmark. If you intend to have writable materials, knowing which material that can be written on is a must for you! For instances, a few options that you can consider are Mirrorkote, Matt White PP, Woodfree, Gloss White PP, and Kraft. So, which one will be your best choice? 

Noah Engel