5 Things to Make Sure Before Buying a Pre-Inked or Self-Inking Rubber Stamp!

Which one do you want to make? Pre-inked or self-inking rubber stamp? Do you know the difference between the two rubber stamps? Actually, pre-inked stamps use oil-based inks and will be perfect for those of you who want to create detailed engraving or logos on stamps. But the self-inking rubber stamps use water-based inks and suitable for use in a large quantity. The self-inking stamp is more cost-effective compared to the pre-inked stamp. So now, have you decided which one is the right choice for you? 

Once you have your own choice, don’t be rush and go to the maker to obtain it. There are a few things that should be ascertained before you can ask the manufacturer to start producing it. But what are the things that should be ascertained before that? Read the answers below!

1. What Stamp That You Want to Make?

First thing first, identifying what kind of stamp that wants to be created is super important! Do you want to make a passed stamp, signature stamp, or company stamp with a logo? If you have no idea about it, perhaps it is because you don’t even know why it should be made. So start by identifying why the stamp is supposed to be created, then you’ll get the idea about the stamp that will want to be created.

2. Information

There is no mandatory to add information to the stamp. So, it depends on the kind of stamp that you want to create. If information is required for that, then you should prepare all of the necessary information. For instance, if you want to create a company stamp for legalizing documents, then you have to include the name of the company, logo, registration number, contact, or even address. The information required will vary depending on the kind of stamp that you want to have.

3. Size

Are you going to determine the size for your stamp before you go to the maker, or maybe will you ask the recommendation size to the maker right at that time? You decide! But, it will better if you can estimate it in advance. You can try to make a sketch on paper with a certain stamp size and analyze whether that size is suitable for your stamp or not. By doing that, you reduce the risk of getting the failure size of the stamp.

4. Colour

Whether you decide to have pre-inked or self-inking stamps, you still have to decide on the color of the inks. Usually, the ink is available in several colors such as blue, black, red, and green. But make sure you pick the ink color that matches with kind of stamp that you want to create.

5. Stamp Maker

The last thing before you can order the stamp from the maker, have you decided where you want to make it? Make sure that you don’t choose the wrong maker for it. So, find an experienced and specialist company chop to create your stamps.

Noah Engel