9 Reasons Why Your Acne Treatment is Not Working

Acne is a common skin disease, more commonly seen during puberty and adolescence. In Singapore, 88% of teenagers suffer from acne, and at least half of them suffer from moderate to severe acne. Although acne is more prevalent among teens, it can also affect adults over the age of 20.

 There are many over-the-counter pimple treatments available to people of all ages. Each pimple treatment works differently for each individual. Some may find their acne worsens after treatment, while others may not see a significant improvement in their skin. However, this has more to do with ineffective treatment rather than the inherent resistance to acne.

There can be several reasons why your acne treatment is not working. These are the top 9 reasons why acne treatments fail. 

  • Expecting Instant Results
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Targeting only active acne
  • Insufficient Exfoliating
  • Overusing of skincare products
  • Improper cleansing face
  • Not Moisturizing Enough
  • The treatment is not right for you
  • Picking at your acne constantly

Things to try when your acne treatment is not working

If your acne treatment does not work, despite you following all the recommendations and not doing any of the things mentioned above, it is probably because the acne treatment is not right for you or the treatment is not effective for acne.

Get in touch with your doctor to learn more about your skin concerns and what you can do instead. Some treatments, such as chemical peels and medical-grade facials, can also help treat acne by deep cleaning the skin and unclogging the pores so that treatment can improve all layers of the skin. Each facial and peel has different ingredients and intensity suited to a particular skin type.

 Chemical peels can be found in both aesthetic clinics and salons. Due to the intensity of the peel, salons cannot perform medium-depth chemical peels the way physicians can. As physician clinics are subject to much more stringent regulations than salons, this is a good safety measure.

 Another method of treating acne is by using laser therapy and radiofrequency micro needling, which have both been found to reduce the frequency and severity of breakouts. Moreover, these options can also be effective in minimizing the appearance of acne scars and can also improve other aesthetic issues such as wrinkles, acne marks, and dull or oily skin.

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Reference: Ensoulclinic.com (Acne Treatment in Singapore)

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