Social Marketing Objectives & Tips

How to Get Started in Marketing?

So, the thing you need to know before you start marketing your business on social media is how to get started. You will find social media marketing more effective then distributing of printed flyers or leaflets. Here are some of the main steps you can take to get started with social media marketing!

  • Make Your Objectives Clear
    You will never know when you arrive at your destination without knowing where you are going. That is why you have to know the goal why you want to do it? Or what do you want to accomplish? So, the first step in getting started with social media marketing is to ask yourself about the objectives.
  • Identify Who Will be Your Target Audience
    Have you determined your target audience? If you already know it, great! But if you haven’t, then it is time for you to determine your target audience. By knowing who will be your target audience, you can determine what kind of content will attract them.
  • Choose Social Media Platforms
    In getting started with social media marketing, it is important to understand that the features and users on each social media platform are different! That’s why you should be careful in choosing a social media platform for your business. Considering the needs of your target audience and on which platform they spend the most of their time are two things that can be used as references in helping you decide which social media platform will be perfect for your business.
  • Determine the Frequency and Schedule
    So, the next step is to determine how many times you will post your content on your social media and when you will post it. Remember,
    If we talk about the frequency, there are various answers to it. Some might say “As often as you have quality content to share” or you can make a decision based on several studies about it. In the end, you decide.
    And speaking about the scheduled time, there are also many studies on it. That is why we recommend you to read those studies as your reference in determining your schedule for posting your content to get maximum results!
  • Measure and Analyse the Result
    After several main steps, you can finally create content that is likely to attract your target audience. Then, you can post it at a specific time and on the social media platform where your potential audience spends their online time there. But there is one last step that is just as important as the others. The last step is to measure and analyse the result! This last step is crucial because it helps you know about the progress towards the goals you have set.  Plus, it can also help you to evaluate the result and re-plan your social media marketing strategy.

Marketing Tips!

Now, we also have several tips that you need to know before you start social media marketing!

  • Yes, the final goal of a business is to sell your product or service. But be careful of being too sales-y. Create content that is not only about your product or service, but makes sure that the content can also add value to your audience.
  • Don’t forget to create interesting content that can help you get more visitors, re-shares, or even likes!
  • Use hashtags to make your post easier to be found by the audience. Plus, hashtags can also be a way to build a community of brand advocates or loyal fans.
  • Consistency is the key to success. That is why you have to be consistent in sharing and posting your content. Avoid sharing tons of content in only one day. Instead, it is better to post only one post or content per day, but you do it constantly.

Lia Riyadi