Top Four Reasons to Use Rubber Stamps in 2021

With the global pandemic going on, many businesses are in a dormant state. In some regions, more and more people are even working from the comfort of their homes. Some standard business practices are no longer relevant. But how about rubber stamps? Is it still important in business landscapes in 2021? The answer is, yes. 

Rubber stamps might be a traditional way of authorizing documents, but it is a needed one. And it’s not for no reason. Here are 4 reasons why the rubber stamp is still important for businesses in 2021. 

1. Printed Documents Will Never Come to an End 

Even though the digitalization of documents has become more common nowadays, the need for printed documents has not been phased out yet. Most probably will never. In-office work, printed documents are needed as physical archives of important documents. Digital documents are not hackproof and corrupt-proof, so physical documents will act as a backup or even the original file of important documents. Apart from being an archive, printed documents are also needed for a lot of things such as for memorandum of understandings between two parties, employees contracts, legal documents, and many more. In most cases, those types of documents are in need of a company stamp to authorize them. 

2. Highly Customizable Rubber Stamps 

Whether it is for the company’s logo, authorization purposes, or even a personal signature, the rubber stamp is highly customizable and easily personalized. It makes repetitive signing easier and faster than ever. Unlike digital signs that have to be edited or formatted before you add them to your documents, a rubber stamp makes your task easier and less tedious. 

3. The Convenient Nature of Rubber Stamps 

When you have a heap of printed documents in need of verification or authorization, signing them one by one can be tiresome and takes a lot of time. Cue rubber stamp, a fast, simple, reliable, and convenient way to sign your documents. With a rubber stamp, you can sign your documents in a timely manner and the signs will look the same throughout the documents, making it a reliable signing tool. It’s also simple and convenient since you just need to press it on ink and dab it on your documents to make an impression. In all honesty, you will never go wrong with a rubber stamp. 

4. Lessen Your Work Strain 

We have talked a lot about the benefit of rubber stamp in the work environment, but rubber stamp is actually as useful for your daily life necessities! You can use a personalized stamp for your mails, personalized invitations, postcards, personal belongings, and many more. For documents that need to be sent out to a lot of people such as invitations and postcards, signing them one by one can wear you out. However, if you choose to use a personalized rubber stamp, it will turn to sign into a fun activity and feels intimate. Sure, you can always use stickers to add in your personal touch on them but it is obviously more expensive than pressing on a rubber stamp. Don’t you think so? 

Those are 4 reasons why you should still consider using rubber stamps in 2021. After reading the reasons, are you now interested in making one? We hope so! 

Desiree H